About Halter Icelandic - HALTER ICELANDIC
Crochet The word Crochet comes to us courtesy of the Viking language from the Old Norse word krókr, meaning to hook. Crochet originated during the mid 19th century from the French diminutive of croc, meaning to ‘hook’. HALTER ICELANDIC HALTER ICELANDIC believes in preserving our rich heritage and the building blocks of our society and culture from an era when the Vikings sailed the seas! Ancient animals contributed to the incredible success of the Viking saga. Today you can enjoy the harvest of festive times long-lost to the echoes of time. Our prized fowl are some of the worlds finest species suitable for the Gallinaceous Aficionado. We believe in preserving the past and committing to the future. Icelandic Sheep have some of the finest wool available for weaving, knitting and crocheting. Icelandic fleece is dual-coated, the long outer coat tog and the fine inner coat thel. When ... Read More »