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Avtech AVT204 HD CCTV 4CH Anologue/HD-TVI DVR Full Channel HD 1080P Recording HD Quality AVTECH solution enables you to upgrade your surveillance system easily, which brings you clear images for video recording and playback. We support 1920*1080 REAL Full HD display service, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors. Push Video Push Video series features powerful mobile surveillance, especially active event notification systems with video playback on iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Android devices. Once our free mobile app, EagleEyes, is installed, you'll be able to receive notifications within 5 seconds right after the event occurrence, and to see what happened. Push Video series keeps an eye on the your properties and never gets asleep. Push Status Users could immediately get notified of all abnormal system events for their surveillance systems (such as video loss, system being unlucked, no hard disk, etc.) from their smart phones by the function of Push Status. User