18 Oct 16, Elias. Meet Mr. George K. ANDEL III Two friends stood talking, casually, both knew each other a very long time. They spoke about regular things. It was a nice day and they were nice people. The friends participated in Veteran events together. The friends were both Veterans. "You have got to meet this guy!" one said to the other. "He's about the same age as you. Says he is a Team 3 guy who was in Beirut. I saw his book pictures of what he did." One friend nodded his head. But the story that was told, it sounded 'fishy. Eventually, he became skeptical, because he is smart. Smart Veterans are good Veterans & smart skeptical veterans are the best. A brief time afterward, the smart skeptical veteran met the gallant SEAL, George ANDEL III, at a military funeral. Clad in a black leather Patriot Guard Rider (PGR) vest with a SEAL Team 3 Patch and a big shiny Trident ANDEL stood out, and stood proud, after all, he was a Navy SEAL. Clad [...]