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Bodybuilding: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (PaperBack) E-book The title of this book, ’’the good, the bad & the ugly’’, briefly explains the deeper aspect of what iron sport is about and represents. The good refers to the flashy and glamorous side of it. Tanned, oiled, shaved, ripped, veiny and muscular bodies posing on stage. Supreme physiques that reveal this majestic-but misunderstood sport. The bad, encloses all the sacrifices as part of this discipline life style. Dedication, devotion, tunnel vision that basically build a strong character and will power. The ugly side of bodybuilding is hardly revealed, simply because truth hurts and shocks. Drug abuse leads to a plethora of side effects and diseases, making bodybuilding a potentially dangerous life style. Only a physician who walked his talk (as a former competitive bodybuilder),could say it better than anyone else, with reality. Author: George N. Touliatos ISBN-10: 1718065485 ISBN: 978-618-00-0352-9 Τα τέσσερα βιβλία στα