Filmography of Bill Zebub | Grimoire of Exalted Deeds
The most recent movies will be listed first. As this site gets more populated, some of the names on this list will be links to corresponding pages. (if it's green, click) FILMOGRAPHY OF BILL ZEBUB 83. TRAPPED IN A STUPID AMERICAN MOVIE (pre-production) 82. BLACK METAL: THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY (in production) 81. Pumpkin Man (re-edit of Night of the Pumpkin) 80. VIXEN OF VIRTUE (in production) 79. DON'T DRINK THE MILK (in production) 78. CLOWNA NOSTRA (in production) 77. FRANKENSHARK (2017 Bluray) 76. EXPLOITATION (in production) 75. A DEVIL'S WIND (2017 DVD) DICKNADO (2017 DVD) 74. SANTA CLAUS: SERIAL RAPIST (2016 DVD) 73. SANTA CLAUS: A HORROR STORY (2016 DVD) 72. TRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER (2016 DVD) 71. THE LOST FILMS OF BILL ZEBUB (2016 DVD) 70. DO UNTO OTHERS (2016 DVD) 69. FORGIVE ME (2015 DVD) 68. 50 SHADES OF SCARLETT (blu(e)ray 2015) 67. LOVING A VEGETABLE (2014 DVD) 66. NIGHTMARE ON ELMO's STREET (2015 DVD) 65.