Anal Cunt | Grimoire of Exalted Deeds
Interview with Seth Putnam conducted by Bill Zebub for issue #8 of "The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds" magazine INTRODUCTION: This interview was conducted during a time when metal people were not brainwashed by the fascist politically correct agenda. Metalheads were not afraid to say what they wanted to say, whether it was honest communication, or words that were meant to irritate. Seth Putnam was a master of angering people. It has never been confirmed if he was saying and doing things for shock, or if he actually meant what he said. As with all interviews, bear in mind that the chat is with an entertainer who knows that he is being recorded for the purpose of being read by the public. This was not a private conversation, although there are moments that can be considered to be abn aside here and there. But at the time of this interview, Bill Zebub published every word that was said, even in some cases when people said "Don't print this." Hopefully