Easy Holiday Wreath: Bullet Journaling Inspo | Grace Rajendran
After a six month hiatus, I decided to pick up bullet journaling again. Mainly because I've been working on producing an event/workshop based around the book, DOT JOURNALING, by Rachel Wilkerson Miller (The Experiment Publishing) for my job as Event Producer for a local bookstore. I love the book and Rachel's very fun and easy-to-follow voice and tips and so, I'm back at it again! I'm keeping things simple this time, however, because the reason I couldn't keep up with it last time was because my inner perfectionista needed to treat each spread like a work of art. And with my own art, blogging, work , friends and family requiring my time, I just couldn't add ' create planner' to that long list of To Dos. So, 2018 is going to be simpler! And I'm practicing with my December spread above! Now, simple does NOT have to mean boring, so I added lots of embellishments- SIMPLE embellishments! I forgot how much fun doing these planner layouts could be for a stationery addict like myself! All