Mickelson Will Start Season in Abu Dhabi, Woods Backs his Decision - The GP Golf Report
Golf is one of those sports that seem to be a grind, especially when you’re playing 72 holes and 5 time major champion Phil Mickelson knows this with all his experience on Tour. A couple of months back it was announced that Phil would cut back on his schedule and that’s a pretty good idea since he’ll be more rested. The only problem is that it could definitely take a toll on his world ranking but I don’t think that matters much to Phil as long as he gets a major or two. According to CBS Sports as well as our own, Fox Sports, Phil looks to start his season in Abu Dhabi during the HSBC Championship in January. January has always been considered that big “starting line” to the PGA Tour season since that’s when you start seeing a lot of the big name players such as Mickelson. This is a smart move by a guy who is already in the hall of fame and has 5 majors under his belt. He can afford to take it easy with the schedule because he already cemented his place in history but the crazy thing is that he’s still a pretty young guy. He may drop in the world rankings by missing events but as I said, this will make him rested by the time the majors are approaching. Now you could say if he drops off in the rankings that he may become ineligible for a major but there’s no Continue Reading →