Why the FedEx Cup Playoffs Rule - The GP Golf Report
As we know, the PGA Tour playoffs is off to a start and many names are all over the leaderboard at the Barclays at Liberty National Golf Club in New Joisey (Jersey), and looks to be another great finish at the beautiful new course. I hear people complaining about Liberty National’s design but honestly I think it’s fine and the scenery really helps that. The Barclays is always a great tournament to watch and for good reason because the first tournament of the playoffs can always be a challenge especially for those new to it. There’s also a lot of people who complain about the playoffs and the FedEx Cup as a whole and it really drives me nuts because there’s too much complaining and not enough golf and it’s really sad, I mean there’s complaining in every sport but in golf, the complaints are about the most silliest things and it’s really eye rolling. Just enjoy the game, there’s going to be changes over time, it’s called, the past, the present and the future, yeah you probably heard of them, they’re great friends, they always hang out and hit the golf course, past hits 250 off the tee, present hits 300+ off the tee and future hits…??? off the tee. I just say, deal with it, I understand these golfers are passionate which is good especially with a lot of athletes nowadays just playing for the riches, glamour and glory. The problem however is the fact they they can Continue Reading →