Long Putter Really Does Not Make Much of a Difference - The GP Golf Report
Players have won many tournaments using long putters and three or four of the last five majors. However, many fans and players of the game dislike the long putter and feel that it’s an advantage more than anything. Many believe that it kills the pressure that a regular putter has because of the seperation of the hands but let’s be honest. It’s about the player him or herself. If they are poor putters then it’s not going to matter what putter they use. If anything, using a long putter would be a challenge once the player makes the change because the way it needs to be gripped is somewhat uncomfortable compared to normal putters. Yes, players can get used to it but just like when they first picked up a short putter. Same thing, had to get used to it. Adam Scott’s a guy who uses one and took him awhile to get a major but finally got one at the Masters. It totally depends how good the player is at putting in general because if the long putter was such an advantage, then why haven’t they won every tournament? Because they haven’t so that right there alone shows the over reacting to the long putter. Some say it kills the tradition of of the game of golf and it’s like okay, then why isn’t anyone really saying anything about the hybrids? I like hybrids but I’m just saying, why isn’t anyone talking smack about those? They want to rip Continue Reading →