OOTD & Makeup for May's Birthstone: Emerald | Gothic SoulFlower
Gemstone photos and gif via Photobucket. Gemstone info via Wixon Jewelers. ♦ Here we have one of my favorite birthstones, the Emerald. With its deep green color, the emerald represents Spring, rebirth, and life. A rare gemstone, the deeper the shade of green, the more valuable it is. Some emeralds have such a deep shade of green that they can have a bluish tint to them. These are even more rare, thus more valuable. TOP IMAGE: raw emerald, BOTTOM IMAGE: polished and cut emerald According to Wixon Jewelers, emeralds also represent the goddess Venus, and were used to aid in fertility. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known for wearing emeralds. The Ancient Egyptians were also known to bury their mummies with emeralds carved with "the symbol of verdue - flourishing greenness - on their necks to symbolize eternal youth". Here's what I wore. I finally found a long, basic skirt that fits. The length is also perfect, which is not easy since I'm only 5' 3" (160.02 cm)