Cherry Blossoms & Space-Age Burlesque – Part 1 | Gothic SoulFlower
A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I went to an art exhibit and burlesque show, Countdown to Yuri's Night at Astro Pop Events in DC. But before that, we hung out on the National Mall to see the cherry blossoms, while they were still in bloom. Since we took so many pictures, I've created separate posts for the Countdown to Yuri's event. Here's how I did my makeup. I wore pink and crystal bindis to celebrate the cherry blossoms: Here's what I wore: Oriental-style tunic: EbayMesh skirt: Bellydance.comTabi boots: Ebay Our friend, Denis, decided to join us for the cherry blossoms. I used to work with him and I haven't seen him in ages. I enjoyed working with him, so it was nice seeing him. A very pleasant surprise! Denis and Matt - they hung in there during our massive photo-taking! My fabulous BFF decided to change in the middle of the cherry blossoms. Absolutely brilliant! When one fly outfit is not enough: Group pic of