The Extravagant | GoGiveLearn.com
I was listening to an Adele song the other day when I found myself transported back to Ecuador. In Baños, we had a CD player with Adele's 21. The song brought back vivid memories of cooking in the plain white kitchen, humming (and singing) with the music, and watching the active volcano blow off stormy clouds of ash. The occasional explosion would startle me. In Baños, we were free to spend our time how we pleased, with no constant demands nor societal pressures to keep ourselves busy. We could enjoy one another as a family, had almost zero stress in our lives, and we were living life as it came to us. Not being over-busy did not mean that we were unproductive. Contrarily, it allowed us to get done what was needed and to use the rest of our time to learn, experience, and embrace another culture. This slow-moving culture found in Baños is partly Latin and partly small town. These six months of living freely and not being constrained by the chains of occupied, busy, or "no time for