Only in Galápagos | GoGiveLearn.com
The sea lion barely opened an eye as I walked past him, snoozing in the middle of the sidewalk. He was drunk on salt water and fish. Only in Galápagos. Ten meters down, I jumped over the endemic marine iguana, bathing in the Galápagos inferno. I breathed in the fresh sea breeze, and took in the sun of the equator. Our five day cruise was starting tomorrow.We'd be visiting lots of islands, snorkeling, and staying on a five star luxury boat. Only in Galápagos. My family, Mom mom and Pots (our grandparents) and I joined the rest of the group on the boat. There were sixteen of us. The boat was a huge, 105 foot catamaran. There were three floors. On the first floor was the living room, the dining room, and the rooms where we slept. On the second, a bar and a jacuzzi. And on the third floor, a sun deck. It could not have been any more luxurious: a big bed to myself, hot chocolate waiting for me when I returned from snorkeling, a trained chef preparing exquisite meals, time to sunbathe,