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Tropical amazonian forest surrounds me. I walk silently through the fallen leaves, following our guide Luís. My foot cracks a dead branch and Luís looks back at me. "Shhh. The monkeys will run away." I nod and hope it isn't too late. Thick underbrush surrounds me and sweat beads on my forehead. Mosquitos flutter contentedly, filled with my juicy American blood. Long sleeves don't seem to be long enough. Something falls from a nearby tree. We look up to see a face, almost human, peering down at us. I quickly but stealthily pull my camera out of my backpack and focus it. Right before I click the shutter, he jumps, disappearing into the dense overhead. Amazed by our sighting, the missed photo doesn't bother me much. I continue walking and begin to breathe again. This past week my family and I went to the Amazon (Cuyabeno Region). Our guide Luís told us that in the Galápagos the animals come to you, but in the Amazon, you go to the animals. Luís had incredible enthusiasm for every type of