A Spitting Image | GoGiveLearn.com
I woke up this morning and had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs. As usual, I had no idea what our plan for the day would be. Today, I thought, from my family's favorable forecast of the day, we were going to take a hike to see a waterfall or something. Well, read on! My dad and I hopped up on our two bikes, and pedaled up a huge hill to get to the falls of the pueblito of Baños, Ecuador. Was it hard? Si! I had to walk my bike at one part, that was the opposite of flat. Eventually, panting, we made it up near the falls. There was a group of people standing around waiting for something, and, apparently this is what Dad had planned. So, we joined them. Before long, we were jumping a barbed wire fence in order to get on a path to the waterfalls. Anon we commenced to escalate, straight up and into the cataracts. Soon we found ourselves watching the other 15 people get half naked, including the Shaman (an indigenous healer with a traditional ponytail, a wide smile, and a wide belly).