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One of my biggest concerns about living in Baños was how I would play tennis, since I plan to play for my high school when we return. My dad and I asked around town and heard two answers: No hay (there aren't any), or Al Sangay (at the Sangay hotel).We decided to look into it and went to the Sangay Hotel. Once a luxury hotel, the place is well kept but it doesn't seem that any money has been put into it in twenty years. The ping pong table doesn't have lines. The foosball table is losing its paint. But we did find a tennis court. For $5 an hour, the staff lent us rackets, balls, and let us play on the court. It felt so good to swing my arms, move my feet. Granted, the ball wasn't going where I wanted it to, but I was still playing. The conditions were different, though. The two rackets they lent us were at least fifteen years old. With no grips on the handles and one of the frames bent, their life was coming to an end. The staff lent us four balls, most of them very squeezable with