Ah, Baños… | GoGiveLearn.com
You have to love a town that has free parking on the street… where bikes travel at the same speed as cars…. where a taxi ride anywhere in town or a smoothie costs $1… where you bump into the same person you met the day before in the supermarket… where there are no malls…. and mountains and waterfalls and rivers dominate the landscape… or when you here a loud boom and you’re not sure if was a car back firing or the nearby volcano blowing off steam… where 60 degrees is considered a terribly cold winter day. Every evening many of the men in town gather for some heated Ecuavolley games. On Thursdays, the taxi drivers meet at the nearby cancha (soccer field) for a friendly match. Weekdays are “tranquilo” but on the weekends the streets awaken to the aroma of grilled “cuy” (guinea pig) permeating the air, tourists strolling through the parks with an ice cream in hand, taffy makers slapping rope lengths of the candy against the wall and offering free samples. Bicycles are everywhere and