Continuing to reinvent myself - Go Fit Girl!
At the end of my yoga teacher training in May 2014 we did an exercise in class where we pretended like we were all getting together a year later for a reunion. We talked about what we did. The idea was if we said it as if it did actually happen it would make it more real. We were advised to write a letter to ourselves to read in a year, which I did. I wrote to myself on May 9, 2014 with instructions on the envelope that I could open the letter on May 8, 2015 or later. I opened that letter May 8, 2015. I read the letter a year later (and wrote about it here) and wrote myself a second letter to be read on May 8, 2016 or later. I opened that letter last year and posted about it on May 9, 2016. I stated intentions in my third letter (with some edits) to the following: I will reduce my yoga class teaching schedule to make it more manageable for me physically, mentally and emotionally. DONE. My schedule … Continue reading