Beaverton Huddle sets up pantry drive - Go Fit Girl!
We stood up … We spoke up … We follow up I mentioned in an earlier post about being part of a Beaverton Huddle. We met for the first time Thursday, Feb. 9 as part of the Women’s March 10 actions in the first 100 days. The idea of the Huddles all over the nation (and possibly the world) was to gather with others to define our next steps, and envision how to transform the energy we saw at Women’s Marches into local and national action. Many things and ideas were discussed. We talked about how we were feeling. And that we want to take some sort of action. It was a really beautiful and empowering experience. An amazing way to continue our work as peaceful and loving activists. A few things that were said during the meeting: Our work isn’t done We are in a space where crazy is possible Any legitimate religion is about love (We want) real knowledge (about certain subjects–such as redistricting) We stood up … We spoke up … We follow up (We want to live in a world) where kindness is seen as true strength Friday, Feb. 17 is The … Continue reading