Food pantry drive - Go Fit Girl!
On Thursday evening I was part of a Huddle. I gathered with other women at a coffee shop in Beaverton to define our next steps, and envision how to transform the energy we saw at Women’s Marches into local and national action. Many things and ideas were discussed. It was a really beautiful and empowering experience. An amazing way to continue our work as peaceful and loving activists. I will write more about my experience at my first Huddle meeting later on. But for now I want to talk about something that came out of our meeting. We decided as a group something we can do easily is to help resupply the Disability, Aging and Veteran Services pantry in Washington County, Oregon. This is the full pantry wish list: (items marked ** are especially needed) **CANNED TUNA, CHICKEN OR TURKEY IN WATER** **SPAM** **SMALL JARS PEANUT BUTTER** **SOUPS – (POP TOPS EASIER, LIKE PROGRESSO BRAND, FOR HOMELESS AND SENIORS)** HEALTHY COLD CEREALS HOT OATMEAL PACKETS SMALL BOXED RAISINS GRANOLA BARS CANDY BARS SMALL PACKAGED NUTS SMALL PACKAGED CRACKERS FRUIT CUPS PUDDING CUPS JUICE BOXES MEALS IN A CAN: CHILI, STEW, RAVIOLI **MICROWAVEABLE INDIVIDUAL PORTIONS MAC AND CHEESE** **LIQUID PROTEIN DRINKS LIKE BOOST OR ENSURE** PASTA INSTANT MASHED POTATOS (SMALL PACKETS) MICROWAVABLE RICE (SMALL PACKETS) PASTA SAUCE SUGAR FREE FOODS FOR DIABETICS PET FOOD FOR CATS AND DOGS **For Homeless Hygiene Kits: bar soap/small toothpastes/toothbrushes/individual sized shampoos** Items can be dropped off at Solace & Fine Espresso in Beaverton (4655 … Continue reading