Before ... after ... and now - Go Fit Girl!
For about the past year to year and a half I have been the healthiest I have ever been. Not the smallest or thinnest, but the healthiest. I turn 42 in one month and I feel amazing. And I think I look pretty good, too. I know that’s not what it is all about. It’s about being and feeling healthy. But I’ll be honest, it feels good to look good. I work hard at being healthy. At times it is easy. And other times it’s so so difficult. But I haven’t always looked the way I look now. When I was younger I was considered skinny. (I seriously hate that word and all that it implies.) I could basically eat and drink anything I wanted and not gain weight. Then I turned 25. I had a sedentary job. I worked second shift and ate a lot of my meals at my desk, which weren’t actually healthy and usually came in some sort of wrapper (as in fast food). Over a seven year period I gained 30 pounds. I hated shopping for clothes. I lacked confidence. It was difficult to go on hikes with friends. One day a friend and co-worker asked me … Continue reading