Taking my advice with time change - Go Fit Girl!
For many years I write a post when we Spring Forward and Fall Back and I give advice and tips on how to prepare before the change and things to do after. (Here’s last week’s post with tips to prepare to Spring Forward.) I usually follow some of my advice. But not all of it. This year I decided it would be best to follow my own advice, especially since I have such a difficult time with the time change. And I actually went beyond. This is the first year I have felt pretty OK with the time change. And I think it’s because I changed things up a little this year. I am “off the sauce” as The Husband says. I have taken a little time off drinking–to prepare for what is coming up in Vegas this week/weekend. I only had one cup of coffee Saturday, Sunday, Monday and this morning. (Even though a second cup sounded awesome.) It’s been cold. I’ve been having more tea lately. I’ve been staying hydrated with regular old fashioned water and a little coconut water thrown into the mix. I didn’t take any naps over the weekend. Saturday morning I woke up a … Continue reading