Being a yoga student - Go Fit Girl!
Twice this week I headed to Turtles Yoga & Wellness and took yoga classes. I was a student and not the teacher. I do truly love teaching. And I have a regular home yoga practice. But when you get to take a class and let someone else come up with a plan and you get to discover things in your body and learn new things it can be absolutely amazing. I really tried to let myself go and just be. Sometimes when I am in a yoga class I think about how I would have done it differently (or dare I say, better). But this week I let all of that go and I really enjoyed being a student, while also picking up a few things I will use as a teacher in my classes. I am hoping to take a class or two a week at Turtles regularly. I took Sefana’s Slow Flow on Tuesday at 10 a.m. I liked the pace of the class. I worked but in a slow and mindful way. I felt so relaxed when class was over. Last night I was able to take Rachel’s Restorative & Yoga Nidra class. I need more Restorative … Continue reading