Getting ready to Spring Forward - Go Fit Girl!
Twice a year I write about time change. (Read last year’s Spring Forward post here.) It’s that time again to Spring Forward (Sunday at 2 a.m.). I am not a fan of time change. I seriously don’t get the point of it. I grew up somewhere (Arizona) where time change doesn’t occur. So to my Arizona family members who can never quite get the time difference: Starting Sunday we will be on the same time. This is the advice I like to give on how to deal with time change: Don’t go to bed too late tomorrow and Sunday night. Make sure you have breakfast Sunday morning (and every morning). Try not to eat a lot of crap. Stick to fruits and veggies as snacks instead of sugary or salty foods. Drinks lots of water tomorrow and Sunday (and every day). Exercise. (At least a walk sometime Sunday and maybe even tomorrow.) I’ll be doing my own yoga home practice as I am teaching a yoga class tomorrow morning. Keep up the exercise throughout the week, especially on Monday. It will be tough, but well worth it. If you do nap Sunday (I love my weekend naps), don’t nap too late. If caffeine really affects … Continue reading