The strong women in my life - Go Fit Girl!
I wrote this post back in November. My friend Bridgette suggested I repost for Mother’s Day. This is a tribute to all the strong women and mothers (in whatever form of mom you are) I know. You have the hardest job in the world and definitely deserve more than just one day of celebrations. Happy Mother’s Day! I keep a notebook in my work bag where I scribble down post ideas or many times an actual post. A lot of times it is easier for me to find my voice if I jot it down on paper first and type later. I also keep a notepad in my purse in case an idea comes and I don’t want to forget it. I have a lot of ideas and little time to make them into something. But I have them at least documented for a post down the road. And if you have asked me about something, it is written down in the notebook or on a stickie and I will eventually get to it. The whole job thing really gets in the way of the blog. Anyway, today’s post actually morphed from another feverish jotting down of a … Continue reading