20 years ago today ... - Go Fit Girl!
Twenty years ago today I was 17 and had graduated from high school about three weeks prior. I moved out of my home and moved into a crappy apartment with three of my high school girlfriends. My mom was pretty strict, which as I look back I am rather grateful for. But I believe if you live under my roof you live under my rules. And I didn’t want to live under her rules anymore. So I moved out. Once I was on my own I was on my own. I paid rent, bought groceries, paid for my car insurance, paid for college tuition and books … Moving out and becoming an adult that quickly was a humbling and major learning experience. I made mistakes, screwed things up, did dumb things … But eventually I started to figure things out and I became more responsible. (I remember a friend asking me about laundry and how I dried my jeans because his mom would air dry his. That makes me laugh now.) The gig with the roommates didn’t last long and eventually I was living in my own apartment. Twenty years later I look back and see how much I have learned … Continue reading