Dionne Warwick slams door on reporter’s mic to avoid bankruptcy questions
(South Orange, New Jersey) 72-year-old singing legend, Dionne Warwick—who filed for bankruptcy protection on March 21st—slammed the door of a Town Car on PIX 11, when we tried to ask her Tuesday about her recent Chapter 7 court filing, outside her South Orange Home. Born in East Orange—and the winner of five Grammy Awards, in a career that spans more than five decades--Warwick was testy, when we approached her getting into the car, parked in the driveway outside her rental home. “I don’t want to say anything to anybody,” she retorted, before slamming the car door on PIX. Warwick is the cousin of the late pop sensation, Whitney Houston, who died of a cocaine-induced drowning last year in California. Warwick spoke at Houston’s New Jersey funeral in February 2012.