Stick Tap to the Hockey Dad | When in Doubt, Glass and Out
Here is a piece i wrote for the beauties over at Gongshow - Lifestyle Hockey Apparel to celebrate all the great hockey dads out there. There he is, "The Hockey Dad." He's loyal, strong, and sure he's a little bit grumpy (You would be too if you had to stand in a freezing cold rink at 6 a.m.), but he's got a heart of gold. He doesn't get the credit he deserves, but he doesn't care. Nobody pats him on the back for selling 50/50 tickets or working bingos to help prevent the family from remortgaging the house on the back of astronomical registration and equipment costs. There's no thank you for swapping in the red Camaro for a Ford Windstar with dual airbags, child safety locks and a "Hockey is Life" bumper sticker. No, being a hockey dad isn't a glamourous or easy job, but that's what makes him such a beauty. Being a hockey dad is like being part of a fraternity. Once you pass the initiation phase of substantial financial sacrifice, accelerated development of the "Dad Bod"