What the Tragic Death of Terry Trafford has Taught Us | When in Doubt, Glass and Out
On Tuesday afternoon, March 11th, the body of missing OHLer Terry Trafford was found in the back parking lot of a Walmart in Saginaw Township, Michigan by state police. The 20-year-old Trafford was last seen on the morning of March 3rd at the Dow Centre, home of the Saginaw Spirit—the OHL franchise Trafford had played for the last 4 years. As pieces of the story begin to emerge we are left with heavy hearts and unanswered questions. Could this have been prevented? Why did he feel like he had no other options? What lessons should we take out of this horrible tragedy? As we wade through these questions to search for answers, we walk a fine line that pits old school vs. new age thinking, tough love vs. coddling, and right vs. wrong. As I dissect this situation, it is important to understand that not all of the facts have been made available and I can only base my thoughts on what has come to light. But for the purpose of this article, perception and generalizations will work. Terry