Hockey to the Workplace: 10 Transferable Competencies | When in Doubt, Glass and Out
If I were running my own private sector company with everything I own on the line and everyone I love depending on me, I'm hiring a team of hockey players. Why? Here are 10 reasons: 1. Work Ethic To play hockey is to work hard. Hockey players always take the road less travelled. Where in almost every other sport, players run around on solid ground, hockey players move around on razor sharp skates atop of rock solid ice—a movement so unique, that it takes years of constant practice and dedication to master. Beyond skating, hockey players must learn the tedious task of stickhandling, passing and shooting to round out the basic skills of the game of hockey. Before you can even enjoy the simple joys of a game of hockey, you need to be able to hone these unique physical skills—a task most can't be bothered with. The entire essence of the game of hockey is about reinventing oneself and starting from scratch. To begin playing hockey is like starting all over in life. It's