Get In and Go to Goblin Valley |
One of the best places to visit in Utah is Goblin Valley State Park. The park is approximately 4 hours from Salt Lake but only about 2 hours from my front door. Growing up in Utah I had heard about Goblin Valley. People always told me it was great fun. So after spending all of my life in Utah, I finally took an adventure to check it out for myself. Do you know what? They were right! It is great fun. Goblin Valley has hoodoos everywhere. There is a small entrance fee for the state park but once inside you are able to climb and hike for hours. We had a wonderful time. We climbed to the tops of cliffs, scaled to the tops of hoodoos and hid among the goblins. When nighttime came we witnessed a large family (or several families) playing hide and go seek among the goblin shadows. A very brief history about Goblin Valley: Back in the 1920's some cowboys were looking for cattle when they came upon the strange little rock creatures surrounded by eroded rock cliffs. In 1964 the area was