Hiking Molly's Nipple |
It has been far too long since I have told a story about my adventures. This is not to say I haven't had adventures, because to me every day holds something new and exciting. Today I want to share my most recent experience. It started a couple of years ago. You see, just outside my front door you can witness a spectacular view of Musinia Peak. It is known as Molly's Nipple or Mary's Nipple around these parts though. The elevation of the peak is 10,986 feet and it looks like a white, bald, rocky point jutting above a mountain of aspens and evergreens. Twenty three years ago my husband climbed that rocky mountain with the scouts and broke his leg. The scouts were able to utilize their first aid skills and pack him down the mountain on a stretcher made of branches and coats. He had not been back since and even the thought of hiking that rocky mountain gave him a queasy stomach because of his injury. However, our daughter told us two years ago that it was her dream to hike to the top. Her