Funny Facebook Quotes XIX |
It has been a long week. Finally the weekend is here. To get your weekend started how about Friday's Funny Facebook Quotes. My weekend always goes better when I can start it off laughing. Enjoy your weekend! I'm not afraid of anything. I just need to know that I can breathe. I don't need much of anything, but suddenly.... I am small and the world is big, all around me is fast moving surrounded by so many things. I am young, and I am free. But I get tired and I get weak. I get lost and I can't sleep. How does it feel? Think I finally got caught up on my sleep... so I am going to climb out from under that rock. I have got to learn that hurtful words can only hurt you if you allow them to hurt you. Wonders how many people can go a whole week without going on Facebook? So wondering what my job really is? Is it to help little kids cross the street all day and to wave nicely at all the locals? NOOOOO... MY JOB should be an INFORMATION BOOTH for 2 gay guys on a motorcycle