Funny Facebook Quotes XV |
Every week my little brother gets a kick out of seeing if he has made Friday's Funny Facebook Quotes. Sometimes he has some pretty funny things to say and sometimes he reminds me of when he was a kid... he just thinks he is funny. Nonetheless, I love him and I am pretty happy to have a fun little brother and before any of my other siblings get mad, I love you all too. We had some pretty fun adventures growing up. Our mom was notorious for embarrassing us in public. Today we laugh about it but back then we would just hide. Enjoy this week's Funny Facebook Quotes and share them with your loved ones. DON'T FORGET – From March 31 until April 2, the internet will be slowed down for cleaning out the "electronic flotsam and jetsam" in the network. Dead email, inactive ftp and http sites will be purged. The cleaning will be done by "five very powerful Japanese multi-lingual internet-crawling robots around the world." According to the Global Interconnected Network Maintenance Staff – GINMS –