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I am celebrating an anniversary, number ten on Friday's Funny Facebook Quotes. Ten doesn't seem like a lot but ask any 3-year old, ten years is pretty old. Ten weeks of gathering Funny Facebook Quotes has been a lot of fun. Some weeks my Facebook friends are hi-lar-i-ous and then others not so much. What may seem funny to me may not be funny to others. Whatever the case, just sit back and relax, take a couple of minutes out of your work day and get into my world. Thanks again friends for a fun filled week of status updates and making this ten week anniversary possible. …Is someday going to be the Queen of the World. Just you wait and see. Comment: May I be your jester, sire? Comment: If you holla that from a bow of a ship- can I be the one with my arms wrapped around you!? …Left his Face book page up on his work computer and walked away, so I laughed at all his dorky pictures, read all his email, and now I am typing a status update about how he smells of old cheese and is wearing a