Funny Facebook Quotes VIII |
A great week behind me and another even greater weekend just around the corner. I did not forget about Friday's Funny Facebook Quotes though. I just love the status updates about what my friend's kids are doing. Your children can be your greatest joys and your worst nightmares. Oh, how I miss the nights when the kids would wake me up because they were sick or had a bad dream. Or the time when they made you a special dinner of instant mashed potatoes, canned peaches and hotdogs plated on your best china and crystal. All of you mothers out there enjoy these times even if you end up cleaning up the mess. Know that one day they WILL be more independent than they think they are now. Goals for the day: Do ALL of the laundry in the house AND put it away. Empty and load the dishwasher. Plan and cook dinner by the time my husband comes home. Don't lose my temper with the whiney, fickle, completely irrational children. Shower. Comment: Wake up, repeat, uh for the next decade :o) yeah it's on