Get in and Go… On a Favorite Journey! |
Where is your favorite journey? I have several! My husband and I have been married for nearly 4 years now. Wow, how time flies! We have had many adventures together either just the two of us or with many of our children. We certainly hope to have many more fun adventures in the future. As I reminisce about the places we have been, I know that those trips would not have been the same without him. A trip to Florida or Mexico or just across town is always more fun when you are with someone you love, someone who makes every journey memorable. One day as I was looking around a local craft store I found the sweetest saying. It said "You are my favorite journey... I love where you take me." That explained my relationship with Kirk perfectly. No matter where we are, I am so happy that he is by my side. So I took that saying, had it "vinylized" (is that a word?) and put it up on the wall. Now every day he can read right there on the wall how I feel about him! I loved the saying so much I even