Book Review: Guinness World Records 2010 |
Did you know President Barack Obama is the first US president to use email in office? Did you know that the largest cheesecake weighed 4,703 lb (2,133.5 kg) and was 8 ft 2 in (2.5 m) in diameter? Did you know that the largest passenger ship to sail around the world is the Queen Elizabeth II? Did you know that the country with the most billionaires is the USA? Did you know that the tallest LEGO Structure measured 96 ft 8 in (29.48m) high? I guess you get the idea. The newest edition of has all kinds of astounding records about the oldest, largest, longest, highest, smallest, first, last, etc. This is the first decade of the 21st century, and Guinness is celebrating in style with numerous new features. First off, the cover is magnificent with its turquoise blue metallic swirls and silver lettering. It is so eye catching and fun you are immediately drawn into wondering, "What is this?" The new sections include the top 100 records of the decade and the record of the day showing a record