Autumn ATV Ride on Monroe Mountain |
Where is Monroe Mountain you may be asking? It is near Koosharem, Utah, a small town in south-central Utah. If you want to see the aspen leaves at autumn time, this is a beautiful place to go. Every turn of the road we saw more colors and even a few deer and elk. Here is the fun story of our adventure: After our Fish Lake experience, we drove over to Koosharem, one of the cutest towns I have visited. There is a little store with the post office right there inside. It really takes you back in time. There is also a little cafe that has good eats for just that hometown/home cooking feeling. We stopped at the store and picked up a loaf of bread and some peanut butter for sandwiches for when we finally made it to our camp:) Then we headed up the mountain. At the bottom the scenery is not that great. But the higher you go, the more you will see. The leaves started changing. There were golds, oranges and reds in abundance! The pines and quaking aspen were so magnificent. I could