Fish Lake with Autumn Leaves |
Autumn is the perfect time to go into the mountains to see all the beautiful colors of the leaves. We had the opportunity to take a pontoon boat out on Fish Lake which is located in the Fishlake National Forest in Sevier County, Utah. Fish Lake measures six miles long and a mile wide. It is 160 feet deep but the waters are crystal clear. I have never fished there, but I understand there is great year round fishing. I have seen pictures of giant fish caught in Fish Lake on the walls at Bowery Haven Resort, a restaraunt/resort located on the shores of Fish Lake. The food is pretty good there too. Try some homemade pie :) It was a little chilly the day we went out but we were overwhelmed with the beauty around us. The autumn leaves were spectacular. We drove from the Bowery Haven Resort to the end of the lake. There we saw a beaver dam, some ducks and a gaggle of geese. I overcame a little of my fear of the water by sitting near the front of the boat, which I learned is called the