Casto Canyon |
Next on our travels we decided to head to Bryce Canyon (since you can get there by driving through that great tunnel). We stopped in Hatch, Utah for lunch at Cafe' Adobe and had a fantastic lunch. Since I am in search of the very best hamburger in Utah, I just had to try one there. I had the Cowboy Burger and it was delicious. Definitely in my top 10. Kirk went the Mexican route and had a chile relleno and enchilada. That was very tasty as well. I would highly recommend stopping there for lunch if you ever get the chance. Now on with our journey. We were on our way towards Bryce Canyon with our four wheelers and I asked Kirk where we were going to go four wheeling there. I was informed that four wheeling was not allowed in Bryce Canyon. However, from Hwy 12 east towards Red Canyon, and just prior to the first red rocks, there is a sign for Losee and Casto Canyons on the north side of the highway. Take the dirt road to the trailheads of these canyons. Losee Canyon is not