How to Help the Ministry | George Hillman Music
I so appreciate the many comments, likes and views wherever my music is posted! I'm led to believe that it's not because you are impressed with me, but that your heart was touched by the musical message. I'm a pastor and gone are the days of my youth where I wanted to be a rock star. I do what I do that I may minister to people and my heart is to see as many people reached as possible. The good news is that the day of big record labels and publishing companies seems to be ending, it's amazing how the world can be reached from one's laptop. The not so good news is that so many people today are aspiring or established artists, so many in Christiandom are billed as music ministries. And everyone is reaching out to the world from their own laptops! I love how the bible gives a description of what a successful minister of music - or even a Christian artist looks like - David got his first gig because it was said that he was "skillful in playing, a mighty man of valor, a man of war, prudent