One Hour With Out My Smart iPhone!Gatoraceae's Ramblings | Gatoraceae's Ramblings
On my recent vacation to the lowest place in California, I dropped my iPhone and it landed glass side down on a patch of small sharp-edged rocks. In my defense, I was recovering from a broken right elbow and dislocation. Clearly, I'm not very coordinated handling my phone with my left hand. In all the many, many years that I have had a pocket-sized phone, I have never broken the glass. There is always a first for everything. This was the 2nd day of my short vacation to the desert to visit with two of my brothers and my niece who is working for the park service as a hydrologist. I depend on my phone a wee bit too much, using my phone for everything from checking the time of day, navigation, texting to photography. Fortunately, after brushing a few tiny sharp shards of glass away, the phone still turned on. Granted, the display had a web of cracks and a few divots, but it still worked. I finished my vacation, framing pictures the best I could through my shattered glass