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Well, life is all about learning. On Sunday afternoon February 10, 2019, my husband and I decided to take a walk downtown to buy 2 cans of white beans for a new soup recipe I wanted to try. It was a cold crisp partly cloudy afternoon, a lovely day for a long walk. We kept at a fast pace, walking 16-minute miles. After we purchased the beans at smart and final we started our walk home. Deciding to make a loop we walked back through a different neighborhood. It has been years since I walked up this particular street. As always, when I'm out on a walk, I enjoy looking at people's gardens and homes. I had really been looking to my left at a cute single-story house. As I looked at the home I was commenting to my husband that I knew someone that would really like this one that had a two car garage and driveway space for extra vehicles. The road we were walking on had recently been repaved so I was not looking down at the ground in front of me. My right foot caught on one of those