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I started this blog on a whim 3 years ago today. Mostly to try something new and to teach this old dog a new trick. It's been fun. I learned a lot. The best thing about trying new things is what those "things" can lead to. I have lots of opinions and have plenty to write about. I discovered that despite a terrible early education as a young child, I wasn't completely ruined by the public school system of my day. I can sometimes actually formulate a thought and get it into an electronic post in a somewhat coherent manner. Overall, I've learned my opinions might not be that helpful in the big scheme of things. I am still writing and I'm thankful that by starting this blog I realized I do have stories to tell. Lots of stories. Most are not stories I want to share publicly. I joined a writing group last fall called "Writing your life story." We meet weekly and share our writing. It's often very personal. We write about our lives. It is a safe space where we support each other and