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This is my second post in a row trying to process in my mind to some degree what's going on in the United States and around the world. This ugly divisiveness we are seeing from our elected officials, religious sects, to branches of media. Like many, I'm seeing so much ugliness and hatred between families, neighbors, global citizens, races, cultures and even the sexes. So many non-truths and fabricated information, "click bait" propaganda using false quotes and images not even related to the message. So many are being so cruel, thoughtless and hurtful. It's as if everyone has forgotten how to stop, think, question and research. If someone verbalizes it (meme's it or tweets it is more like it), it must be so. Even as the ideas and statements become even more ridiculous, outlandish and untrue, the more riled up the fringe masses become and some of those on the edges and near the fringe join in, without even considering how absurd the concept is or who the creator might actually be. (It