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Well, no, it's not my birthday. But, I have owned my fancy road bike for 5 years as of today, August 14th 2018. This bike has been a wonderful gift that I bought for myself 5 years ago, with a little bit of money that I inherited when my mom passed. My thinking was, she'd approve, after all, she had been a physical education professor. I'm not one to own much stuff, tending towards minimalism. And, I'm certainly not one to think of buying much for myself. But this has been one of the best purchases I've ever made. I bought this bike in Tahoe ride - almost done, ended with Emerald Bay climb. preparation for what has still been my longest and highest elevation gain ride. A `few weeks after I bought this bike, I rode around Lake Tahoe, 73 miles and 4,800 feet of gain on one ride. On this bike, I've put in more than 12,000 miles. Most have been great, taking me to places I never thought I'd see from a bike and down many a road that formed new memories. Some of these miles