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Homelessness Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and see the light of compassion. ref="> The gentlemen... minus a few.I had a rather one-sided conversation the other day with a fellow cyclist. The conversation has been lingering on my mind ever since. All I could think about during this conversation was how unkind, heartless and lacking in empathy this man was. There were a handful of other men present and I could tell some of them were uncomfortable with this man's words (he wasn't ranting, but close to it), yet, none of us were willing to create a scene and bluntly call this man out on his rhetoric.. Cyclists on group rides come from all walks of life, careers, educational backgrounds and political leanings. This diversity can usually make for good, educated discussions on all sorts of topics. This individual stated that "all homeless people are drug addicts and that they chose that life". I don't know