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My brothers and I have recently been discussing head injuries. Here's a modified story that I shared with them. I thought others might find this story entertaining. I'm fortunate in that I have not experienced significant head trauma, well, at least not that I can remember. I can only remember hitting my head hard once and that was last summer (2017). I had my first "real" bike crash. A bee flew down my jersey. I screamed and my husband who was in front of me, locked up his new disk brakes. I clipped the back of the bike trailer and slid out, staying with the bike as they say to do. As my helmet and head was sliding across the asphalt with my eyes inches from the ground, I actually was thinking, "wow, my helmet is doing its job, I'm not passing out!" I had lots of road rash, and you could say my bike did too, but my carbon fiber frame was ok. My helmet was cracked all the way through. I laid on the asphalt for some time mentally assessing my situation with my legs entangled